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Otto Dix - Skin Graft (Transplantation, from the War) (1924)


Berkin Elvan, after 269 days in a coma, died today, age 15. He was shot in the head with a gas canister by the police during the Gezi riots, while going to the market to buy bread. Not that it matters. He *could* have been protesting and it wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have made a difference.
I love this illustration of Berkin by the very talented merttugen (which remind me of Mexican votive tin paintings), titled “Gaz Fiseginde Yasayan Cocuk” (“The Boy Who Lives in a Gas Canister”). Alas, the boy lives no more.
Hoscakal Berkin…
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Trigger warning: graphic images of violence, homophobia
Here Is The Shocking Footage Of Gay Men Being Beaten On Camera In Russia

Thanks to Human Rights Watch, we’re able to see the harrowing footage of the brave LGBTQ community in Russia standing up for their rights despite being severely threatened, tortured, and in fear of their own lives.
Yet their attackers seem to not fear the law at all — and that is because they are essentially free to get away with this type of treatment. So much so that they even upload their own videos of torture onto YouTube. See the footage below and speak out against this horrifying behavior.
Warning: This video is truly horrendous, and it contains graphic images (pretty much from 11 seconds in).
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